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Kate has identified the severity and probability of occurrence of a defect. This will allow her to assess its effect on the overall operation of the organization. Which of the following tasks has Kate performed?

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Imagine this scenario: you've studied hard for the CBAP®and today is the day you will finally sit for it. You are feeling good about what you know and are actually excited to get this testing over with. While taking the exam, you use your speed reading technique to help you quickly understand and answer the questions. You are amazed at how fast you are getting through the questions. You feel good because you don't have to read all the answer choices because you can find the "right" answer after reading the first two choices. Everything feels good and you hit that last submit button.

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Now that you are ready for recertification as a CBAP, let me take you back to the application process. Do you remember how long it took for you to document your experience as required by IIBA? Do you remember wishing that you had known about this process ahead of time to avoid racking your brain about BA tasks you had completed ten years ago?

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Step 1: Read the CBAP® Handbook. You want to understand the qualification for sitting for the certification. This handbook provides a thorough explanation on the experiences needed to qualify, the educational requirements... etc

Step 2: Begin documenting your work experience. This is the most challenging task as it requires that you look back 10 years and recall information about each of the projects you've worked on. You will need to remember the project name, description, hours worked on each projects, hours spend on business analysis tasks on each projects... etc

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As some of you may already know, the CCBA® has officially been announced and the exam is coming out soon. This is a new IIBA® certification for competent business analysts.

Who is a competent business analyst?

A competent business analyst is one who has invested time to develop their business analysis skills and expertise but has not yet achieved the level of experience required to sit for the CBAP® exam.

This certification is great for developers who have performed business analysis tasks for a minimum amount of time, or quality assurance analysts, or any other professional who has performed some business analysis task in the last 7 years.

Why should you consider this designation?

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When the Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP®) Exam was first released, there weren't many options for preparing for it besides the self study route. Most of the early CBAP® recipients had to either join a study group or buckle down and study the content of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) all alone.

Today, to join the elite group of CBAP® recipients (only 500+ in the world), you have a bit more options. If you are wondering where to start, this article will provide you with the knowledge you need to assess the options available to get ready for the CBAP® Exam.

In the past few years of helping others earn the highest designation as a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®), I’ve found that the most used approaches for successfully reaching this goal are:

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Dear Diary: The application is now finished and after having it reviewed a couple of time by an official Certified Business Analysis ProfessionalTM(CBAP®), I’m waiting on the results to return. I’ve documented over 11000 hours for the committee to pick and choose from for acceptance, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Reviewing the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) in the last few weeks has become overwhelming. How am I going to process all this information?

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Dear Diary:
“This new CBAP® Certification may be my ticket to a more rewarding career. If I can just pass the test, I’ll have those letters at the end of my name and it may give me the edge in the resume selection/search process. I think I can pass the test with enough preparation, but can I walk the walk while I talk the talk? I also need to know if this effort is worth it in the end and what my goal is, in order to determine if the payoff in the end is suitable.

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Dear Diary:

I’ve been an analyst for a long time now and have finally come to the decision that I don’t want to be just an analyst. I want to be a really good analyst. I’m no longer satisfied with taking the word of someone else as to why things are done a certain way. I not only want to know why, I want to be part of creating a better solution. I want to be respected for my opinion. I want people to know that my opinions are rooted in facts and not just some wild hair that someone got reacting to a situation. I want to be recognized for the things I have done, the countless hours I’ve spent making processes better or providing solutions to problems. Now, what?

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With only 38 days left before The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) sunsets the CBAP® (Certified Business Analysis Professional) exam for the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge® (BABOK®) 1.6, the curiosity of what the BABOK® 2.0 offers is driving a massive number of business analysts to seek out any study guides (study group, self directed or other materials) to take a pick at the content of the exam. Unfortunately, of all these business analysts, only a few really qualify to sit for the exam. If you have considered joining the rush to become a CBAP®, here are a few things you should know:

What is CBAP® Certification?

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