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“This new CBAP® Certification may be my ticket to a more rewarding career. If I can just pass the test, I’ll have those letters at the end of my name and it may give me the edge in the resume selection/search process. I think I can pass the test with enough preparation, but can I walk the walk while I talk the talk? I also need to know if this effort is worth it in the end and what my goal is, in order to determine if the payoff in the end is suitable.

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Most of us, Business Analysts, are more familiar with gathering system requirements because they are more interesting to our organizations and customers than the user requirements. But user requirements are absolutely of equal importance if not more important that the system requirements. You may ask me why is that?

In this series of blogs, I am going to take you through understanding the importance of user requirements and how to gather them.
If the goal of your organization is to develop products that has a good reputation and requires less training and support in the backend (sells well, keeps customers happy, and produces referrals), your focus should be on the users of the product. The main reasons that drive customers away from products are:

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Now what are user requirements?

According to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge version 1.6 definition, "they are statements of the needs of a particular stakeholder or class of stakeholders. they describes the needs that a given stakeholder has and how that stakeholder will interact with a solution. They serve as a bridge between business requirements and the various classes of solution requirements.

They must be collected in order to determine the direction of the product. There are various sources of user requirements.

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